only the best is good enough

I am Joana, born to give love!

Because love is the best thing you can get.

I was born in Bremen and grew up by the sea in Portugal. In 2015, I moved back to northern Germany and started my training as a photographer. I completed this in 2019 as a chamber and state winner.

I like to take photos around the globe. The main thing is that I am where you need me!

A cordial approach and trust are incredibly important to me, as this is the only way to create genuine, fun and romantic moments when photographing. Of course, I always have an eye on details like posture, hairstyle and clothing, but my goal is to make you forget about the camera over time.

To capture a moment, an emotion, for eternity, so that years later you are still in the exact place, in the moment, where the shot was taken: That still fascinates me today. That’s why I love photographing weddings the most. A special day full of unique moments.

There is hardly anything that can evoke forgotten feelings as strongly as a picture. That’s what I would like to make happen for you ♥.

Capturing something with a camera is like giving memories that would otherwise eventually be lost. For me, that is the most beautiful thing about my job: giving love.

Trust is the basis for a good cooperation and starts with getting to know each other. That is why I would like to share a few personal things about myself with you:

Fact 1: Emotions

A day without emotions is a boring day! I love to feel alive. It's especially nice to share these feelings with people (or animals) I love. Laughing out loud and long hugs brighten my day.

Fact 2: Food

Love goes through the stomach and through the soul! Delicious food always puts a smile on my face. I am a pizza monster!

Fact 3: Freedom

Whether you want to call it stubborn or independent - I always do my thing. Freedom for me is being able to make decisions about what makes me happy: no matter where, how, when. Freedom for me is also the feeling of being at home, on the beach.

Fact 4: Dancing

the child inside of me feels happy! I am especially fascinated by Latin American couple dances. Music is also my great passion, especially when no one can hear me sing.

Fact 5: Grumpy Cat

Without food and without sleep, I am not me.

Fact 6: What my friends say about me

Joana is... committed, responsible, professional, usually cheerful, sometimes grumpy, strong personality, lovable & affectionate, honest, direct, humble, funny, independent, open to new things, dynamic, spontaneous, ambitious, transparent, sensitive, courageous & follows her dreams


What we love most are the moments shared, the small details, the celebratory mood of the guests, the intense memories that will last forever....
Our cameras are there to capture these special moments so you don't have to think about anything and can concentrate on the laughter, crying and all the emotions you feel during your wedding.


Hello, my name is Artur, I am a wedding videographer. I live in Barcelona (but I’m always willing to travel) and what I love most is the opportunity to tell stories with my camera.

Being born in Russia and growing up in Italy helped me to see things differently and with an open mind, and also gave me the opportunity to see how weddings are celebrated around the world.


With my videos I try to tell a story, the story of your wedding, in a creative, honest and authentic way, so that the images speak for themselves and take you back to that very special day.


When I see how happy the couple is when they watch their wedding video, it fills me with pride and satisfaction: then I know that I have succeeded in capturing the essence of the couple and the love they share.


Our greatest goal is to create meaningful images that will remind people of the people we love and the good times we have had for generations to come. Creativity, hard work and experience are our tools for this.