we love everybody


Joana has a very special, relaxed manner that took the pressure off our shoulders. Everything should be perfect at a wedding and with Joana we have chosen the right person.

Joana simply convinced us with her manner! In addition, her portfolio also convinced us. It was important for us to get really great pictures and Joana definitely did that.

In front of the camera, Joana has a super eye and gives concrete instructions. She made sure that we were always in the best light of ourselves and brought out the best in us.

Als wir die Bilder das erste Mal gesehen haben waren wir sehr emotional und hatten Tränen in den Augen, haben gleichzeitig aber auch die pure Euphorie gefühlt. Wir würden Joana definitiv weiterempfehlen. 

With Joana, we especially liked that she was full of enthusiasm for every photo. She burns for her work and that really infected us during our After Wedding Shooting, we had a lot of fun.

Although we both don’t like to be the centre of attention, we felt very comfortable in front of the camera after only a short time and Joana took away any shyness with her relaxed manner and enthusiasm.

She quickly convinced us with her own initiative and also implemented our wishes immediately. We have already proudly shown the pictures to family, friends and colleagues!