-How many pictures will we receive?
That depends on the package you book. If the shooting takes an hour it can be around a hundred pictures. In a 14-hour-shooting it can also be around a thousand pictures. You can download them via this website or get them on a USB-stick. Of course I can also print your pictures, even on a canvas. When you book a big wedding package you will receive your printed pictures and the USB-stick in a pretty wooden box.
-How long does it take until we get our pictures?
This also depends on the amount of work. After three days you can look at your pictures and choose which you want to buy. These will then be edited. Depending on the amount of pictures needing editing you’ll receive the final product in the span of a week. When I accompanied you on a wedding for a full day it can take up to 3-4 weeks. Of course, if you’re very curious about the results, you will be able to take a peak in the meantime.
-How long before the shoot should I make my booking?
For weddings: The sooner the better! Especially weekends are very popular. Most appointments are made a year before the wedding-date. Generally you can contact me anytime, though, maybe on your favoured date my calendar is still empty. For a normal shooting: These kind of appointments are possible to be booked on a shorter notice. It’s best to contact me a week before.
-Can we also have a shooting midweek or at night?
Yes, of course! Everything is possible, 24/7.
-Will the pictures be edited?
The online gallery will contain your edited photographs. That means size, lightning, colour, style and other details have been adjusted already. When you order pictures they will be completely edited. That means skin will be naturally and professionally retouched. Of course you can also get pictures in black and white. If you have any other wishes afterwards I’ll gladly take care of them.
-Can we meet and get to know each other before the shooting?
Of course! For a wedding that’s actually very important, because, next to all the details, it’s essential for us to be friendly and relaxed around each other. It’s the only way for you to be comfortable on your extraordinary day and to know that everything is taken care of. If we don’t manage to schedule a meeting before the appointment or if we live far apart, we can also get to know each other by telephone or via Skype. Of course, a consultation is always free.
-What kind of wedding packages are there?
I will design the package exactly according to your expectations. Everything is possible. Whether it only includes the register office or the complete party, 4 hours or 14, even with an after-wedding-shooting on Tenerife: your wishes are mine! Everything included in the basic package and all the extras I offer, like a wedding video, you can find on this page.
-How can we make a reservation for our wedding date?
During our meetup for getting to know each other you’ll receive your wedding contract, in order for both sides to be protected. In it all services and appointments are listed and confirmed. After a deposit of 40% of the total price your appointment will be fixed.
-Can we have a shooting outside of northern Germany?
Sure! Just tell me what you have in mind and where. I’d love to have a shooting for your honeymoon or we’ll have an after-wedding-shooting at an especially wonderful place. Of course weddings and general shootings are doable outside of Germany, too. I mainly roam around Germany, Portugal and Spain, but I very much like visiting new places.
-What happens if I’m uncomfortable and don’t know what to do in front of the camera?
In that case I’ll try anything for said person to relax. I’ll only start shooting when you feel comfortable. There are many different tricks for that. My goal is for you to forget about the camera over time.
-Any more questions?
You can contact me anytime over the form or call me. I’d love to help out!

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